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Dissent: Harvard Can’t Give up on Covid-19

By shifting the weight of responsibility onto students, Harvard hasn’t just weakened community-level counter Covid-19 efforts; it has also conveniently positioned itself to escape blame in the inevitable wake of its neglect. What is perhaps most frustrating about Harvard’s new policy is its insincerity: the masking of institutional indifference as pragmatic adjustment that allows Harvard to act as though we will all get Covid-19 while claiming to protect us from it.

Please Build a McDonald’s in Harvard Square

The shame that comes from spending money I don’t have, or eating in the dining hall alone at night, serves to remind me that just because we attend the same university, study the same subjects, and walk along the same roads, the Harvard poster child and I are not equal.

The Crimson is a Student Newspaper — We Should Act Like It

No matter how many donors back us or irrelevant advertisements sandwich themselves between our words — at the end of the day, we are a school newspaper composed of undergraduates. Irrespective of our potential futures in journalism (which I worry about), we are students today. And the community we report on, the people we interview and photograph, they are our peers — we owe them ethical reporting of their stories with grace and decency.

Harvard Speak: The Aristocrat’s Language of Confidence and Conviction

The confidence that comes naturally to many of our peers — the noble assertiveness that many of us were taught to suppress — is an object of my envy. But I choose not to dwell on that envy; instead, I will act on it. I will become fluent in Harvard Speak, and transform what has long rusted into gold.

Why I Won’t Play Harvard Students’ Political Game

Politics are not “hot takes.” They determine someone’s rights, their autonomy, their survival in this country. So no, I don’t like talking about politics. It’s not fun for me, it’s painful.