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My Ethical Consumption Dilemma

Sometimes we don’t have any good choices, but that doesn’t take away from our responsibility to live the least wrong life we can. Even in our twisted consumptive landscape, we can choose to pay people more for their time and to make the effort to engage in as little exploitation as we can.

Dissent: Harvard Can’t Give up on Covid-19

By shifting the weight of responsibility onto students, Harvard hasn’t just weakened community-level counter Covid-19 efforts; it has also conveniently positioned itself to escape blame in the inevitable wake of its neglect. What is perhaps most frustrating about Harvard’s new policy is its insincerity: the masking of institutional indifference as pragmatic adjustment that allows Harvard to act as though we will all get Covid-19 while claiming to protect us from it.

Tuition Should Be $1 Million

At the heart of need-based financial aid is a promise of equity: Everyone who can get into Harvard should be able to afford Harvard, too. The simple solution to the problem of the upper-middle-class family struggling to pay Harvard’s full tuition is to make our financial aid system more robust and cover their costs.