Walter E. Wilson

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The Doctors

Nerac is a brilliant young French doctor who finds the high-pressure ratrace of his residency in a large Paris hospital

The Horses of the Night

"Morning," said the policeman. "Oh. Hi," he said. "Cold, isn't it?" "Yes, pretty chilly morning. You're up pretty early, aren't


It's difficult to say much more about a nice, pretty film than that. Torment is a Swedish movie starring Alf

Crimson Soccer Squad Will Meet Yale Today

The Yale soccer team will meet a determined Crimson eleven this afternoon at 2 p.m. at New Haven. Two weeks

Soccermen Defeat Brown In Final Period, 2 to 1

Still in the running after yesterday's narrow win over Brown, Harvard has one chance for supremacy in the Ivy soccer

Oberschall Scores in Soccer Team's 1-0 Win Over Tigers

The Harvard soccer team won its best game of the season Saturday, upsetting Princeton, the Ivy League leader, by a

Soccer Varsity Rates Underdog In Last Home Game for Seniors

The six seniors on today's starting soccer lineup play their last home game of what has been for them a

Mrs. Star

Off Boylston Street arrow signs lettered "Mrs. Star" pointed up a dank, steep flight of stairs to a beaver-board door.

The Mask of Dimitrios

In the late thirties and early forties, Sidney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre starred in a series of exceptional mystery films.