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Garnering Support for the Troops

While the American offensive in the Persian Gulf continues to divide the campus, there Adams House sophomores have banded together

Kohl Lauded at Houghton Bash

The gin was Tanqueray, the Scotch was Johnny Walker Black Label, and the decor was centuries old, as about 100

Student's First Love Is Fine Art of Publishing

Luke I. Pontifell '90 was a publisher before he even finished high school. But he doesn't simply pump out pulp

Housing Activists Meet With Harvard Officials

Continuing their efforts to increase Harvard's commitment to helping Cambridge's homeless, representatives from a Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA) committee

Hispanic Forum Plans Panel on Human Rights

As part of an ongoing effort to raise Harvard awareness about Hispanic issues, the Harvard Forum on Hispanic Affairs (HFHA)

S. African Minister Urges Active Role for Churches

Christian churches should advocate courageous moral leadership in society whatever the costs, a leading South African minister and prominent opponent

Puerto Rican Politicians To Debate Isle's Status

As part of an ongoing effort to raise Harvard consciousness about Puerto Rican affairs, three of the commonwealth's leading politicians

Kletzsch Has Lived In Dunster Since 1952

Composer Charles Kletzsch '50 came to Harvard when he was 16. Forty-seven years later the Milwaukee, Wi. born-Dunster House Composer-in-Residence

The Great Debate

Lucius always felt rather possessive about the catalogue room, and it disturbed him as he emerged squinting from the stacks

Squash Varsity Eliminates Navy As Emmet Continues Undefeated

If it is possible to decide a League title this early in the season, the Crimson squash team did it

To the Playing Field

Even in the stacks one was unprotected from the brash intrusion of the band's noise as it paraded through the

Crimson Eights Score Double Win at Henley; Crews Take Grand Challenge and Thames Cups

If there is a greatest day in Harvard rowing history, it was probably last July 4th, when Harvard crews won

Tory Triumph

"We have been repulsed," the leader of Britain's Labor Party concluded quite rightly after a severe electoral thrashing last week.

Decision in Britain

History to the contrary, Britain's Conservatives have a good chance of defeating the Labour Party for the third consecutive time

The Silent Generation

Exams were a time of fulfillment for Lucius, and as he made his way through the stacks his bookbags danced