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Crimson Rowers Defend Title In Regatta on Charles Today

The Harvard crew looked more like a sitting duck than a national championship contender just three weeks ago. Harvard's usually

Harvard Crew Triumphs In San Diego Invitational

The San Diego Invitational Crew Classic, held in California last Saturday, was supposed to be the scene of the Harvard

Harvard Crew: Learning to Deal with Uncertainty

The Harvard Crew's greatest foe this year is its own reputation. The Crimson is in the uncomfortable position of being

Crimson Squashed in National Title Bid

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.--It may have been the National Squash Tournament's peculiar incentive system that did in the Crimson racquetmen this weekend.

Aquamen, Racquetmen Bombard Army

The handwriting just won't stick to the walls of Heminway gym for Harvard's current squash squad. Before their season started,

'Cliffe Cagers Deep Freezed, Suffer Triple Loss In Ivy Bid

The Radcliffe hoopsters were about as cold as the weather in Ithaca last weekend, losing their only three chances at

Crimson Squashes Navy's Raquetmen In Season Opener

Crimson Coach Jack Barnaby '32 sat chatting with a raquetman behind fourth-ranked Cass Sunstein during Harvard's first match against Navy

Elis Lock Up Wilson's Gov Team

If the members of Harvard's Government Department could manipulate a football as well as they do rhetoric, they would not

Gov Dept. Seeks No Detente With Yale

Machievelli once wrote that "one must either pet men or exterminate them." Harvard's Government Department is inclining towards the latter