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NYU Student Killed by Policeman

NEW YORK--Members of the Chinatown community are charging a police cover-up following the death last month of a New York

Increase in Anti-Semitism Reported

COLLEGE PARK, Md.--University of Maryland officials are reporting a rise in incidents of anti-semitism on campus, including vandalism of the

Women's Studies

PRINCETON, N.J.--A faculty committee at Princeton University last week unanimously approved a plan to institute a women's studies program. Another

Stanford Buys Earthquake Insurance

STANFORD, Cal.--Stanford University has purchased a $60 million earthquake insurance policy because of its proximity to the San Andreas Fault,

Illinois Leads in Campus Crimes

URBANA, Ill.--The university of Illinois in Urbana had more violent crimes in 1979 than any other college campus in the

Princeton Computer to Save Energy

PRINCETON, N.J.--Princeton University has installed a $3.4 million computerized monitoring system that regulates temperatures and energy use in 40 buildings

Cornell Trustees

ITHACA, N.Y.--Cornell University trustees have disbanded the trustee committee on state relationships because of a court ruling that it must

Government Reprimands Columbia

NEW YORK--The U.S. Department of Labor two weeks ago threatened to block renewal of $2 million in grants to Columbia

B.U., Wellesley Protest

Some Boston University (B.U.) students, upset over an $1120 increase in tuition and fees for next year, may refuse to