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Law School Council Blasts Officials For Insensitivity to Student Complaints

The Law School Council, in a report scheduled to coincide with the review of the Law School by an Overseers'

Ivy Presidents Extend Football Season

The presidents of the eight Ivy League universities voted last Wednesday to break the long-standing nine-game football season by allowing

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Improving dissemination of news--particularly but not exclusively good news--about Harvard depends not only upon our making better use of existing

The Age-Old Teachings and Joyful Beseechings of Brother Blue

The Harvard-Radcliffe shuttle bus was making its last run on this frosty February night. Lamont Library had been closed an

Carter, Ford Camps, Keep Tense Vigils

Jimmy Carter swept to an overwhelming if unsurprising victory over President Ford in Massachusetts last night, winning by substantial margins

Lawyers Celebrate Reunion, Success

James Lynn, director of the federal office of management and budget, and assistant to President Ford, attending the 25th reunion

Flood From Drain Covers the Floors Of Lowell Suites

Nearly an inch and a half of water covered the floors of four suites in A and B entries in

Professor Sees German Vote As Traditional

Last Sunday's German elections, in which Chancellor Helmut Schmidt won a narrow victory over his conservative challenger Helmut Kohl represents

Workers Held For Actions At Cambion

Tensions between strikers at the Cambridge-based Cambion Corporation and newly-hired non-union employees heightened last week when Sandy Polaski, president of

7 Summas Awarded in Ec, None in Gov

While the Economics Department has nominated seven seniors for summa degrees, the Government faculty voted to award none this year,

Ford Establishes An Advisory Office On Science Affairs

President Ford signed a bill Tuesday re-establishing the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, dismantled three years ago

Scientist Discusses Nuclear Reactor Expansion Dangers

George B. Kistiakowsky, Lawrence Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus, and one of the developers of the atomic bomb warned of the

Overcrowding Forces Cutback In Number of Senior Singles

Overcrowding in several Harvard Houses is reducing the number of "senior singles"--individual suites that contain both a living room and

New Personnel

The Harvard Corporation will decide early this week on the next director of personnel administration, President Bok said yesterday. Bok

Officials Pleased With New Admissions

Monday morning's mail will hold good news for 2152 of the more than 11,000 applicants for the Harvard-Radcliffe Class of