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Dr. Goodfriend's Diary

To Dr. Arthur Goodfriend, currently an Education School student, life is a series of images and impressions that fly by

Harvard's Tunnels: Notes From The Underground

Like the swimming test Mrs. Widener demanded and the Polaroid camera shape of the Science Center, the steam tunnels are


T HE CAMP DAVID accord, while not a carved-in-stone guarantee of Middle East peace and a Palestinian state, is the

The Jury Is Definitely Out

National media attention and stepped-up student opposition efforts energized the controversy surrounding the Core Curriculum last week, but a Crimson

Poll Shows Student Body Split On Breakfast Issue

The student body is almost evenly split on the issue of reinstituting hot breakfasts at all Houses, according to the

Please, Sir, May I Have Some More

For those who have 9 a.m. classes, pull all-nighters, row House crew, or were raised on farms, and all other

All Houses Will Serve Exam-Time Hot Breakfast

Students will receive a $15.50 reduction in their board bills next month, and all Houses will serve a limited hot

CHUL Vote May Affect Breakfasts

The Committee on Houses and Undergraduate Life (CHUL) will vote today on two student resolutions to use surplus funds generated

The End's in Sight

A boycott--one that lasted so long many people forgot why they were boycotting--has finally begun to bear fruit. Students began

A Young and An Old

When I visited Harvard during my freshman year of high school, I was impressed. Posters elbowed each other out of

Convention Will Invite Minorities

Delegates who have been convening for the past few weeks to discuss the creation of a college-wide student government last

Governing The Ivies

Back in the '60s, things were different. They were different in many ways, of course, but one was that Harvard

Listening to the Left

Have you ever noticed that lecturers almost invariably are leftist, activist types? Chances are you've not been willing to generalize,

Duke Talks

Governor Michael S. Dukakis yesterday suggested he would sign into law a bill that would suspend Sunday closing laws for

Transfer System Frees Quad Space

House offices sent a total of 41 acceptances to 128 transfer applicants yesterday, marking the implementation of a decentralized housing