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B-School Alleges Plagiarism

The Business School yesterday impounded approximately 850 papers written by first-year students because of alleged plagiarism in two of the

UHS Investigates Holmes Hall Illness

University Health Services (UHS) researchers are investigating a small epidemic of unidentified gastrointestinal illness that afflicted between 20 and 30

MBTA Proposes Square Renovation

New proposals for extending the MBTA Red Line include making a pedestrian mall out of a section of street connecting

False Data Charge Stirs I.Q.-Heredity Controversy

Recent allegations that a famous English psychologist falsified the data that led him to conclude intelligence is highly hereditary have

Battling the Behemoth

Bruce Taylor Odell is an enigma. He calls himself a "quiet man," but he is eager to tell stories. He

Mary Flug Handlin Dies at 62, Co-Authored Books on History

Mary Flug Handlin, editor for the Center for the Study of the History of Liberty and wife of Oscar Handlin,

Lampoon Plans Centennial Celebration

The Harvard Lampoon will mark its 100th anniversary with a three-day celebration for Lampoon alumni this weekend, Lampoon President-elect Louis

Government Pays Fourth Of Harvard Expenditures

Federal grants and contracts awarded to Harvard accounted for one-fourth of the University's total budget of $270 million during the