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Citizens Meet Harvard Officials About University Growth Plans

Representatives of the Office of Government and Community Affairs and the University Planning Office explained Harvard's long-range plans for development

College Enrolls Three Male Transfers

The Committee on Admissions has admitted three male transfer students with the incoming class of '78, despite an announced year-old

Center for Urban Affairs, HUD Will Study Urban Migration

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has awarded two contracts to the Harvard-MIT Joint Center for Urban Affairs

Lewontin Tells 300 at Forum Race and I.Q. Are Not Linked

It is scientifically impossible to determine differences in inherited intelligence between racial groups, Richard C. Lewontin, professor of Biology, told

Donations Provide Widener Library Full Set of Playboys

Six weeks after asking in the University Gazette for missing copies of Playboy Magazine, Widener Library has a complete set