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Ideal Overseer: Success in Life And Distinction?

A few months ago Cynthia Smith decided to run for the Board of Overseers. "Cynthia Who?" was the puzzled reaction

Women Still Hold Harvard Building

As the women's occupation of the Harvard Architectural Technology Workshop moves into its third day, Harvard officials have denied rumors

Harvard Museum Official Finds Ancient Man's Bone

A Harvard museum official has discovered a five-million year old bone of a primitive man. Arnold D. Lewis, head of

'Cliffe Deficit May Forbid Aid to Incoming Students

Radcliffe College is facing a financial deficit, both in general endowment and in financial aid funds, which may force a

Pickets Urge Pierce Food Be Boycotted

Students Plan Petition Against Strawberries A group of Harvard and Radcliffe students met last night to formulate a petition in