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Wassily Leontief

One of the most carefully guarded files in the Littauer Building is a folder of eighty odd sketches of members

All-American Spy

Dusting off some old notes before generals. I came across an almost verbatim episode of a radio series I followed

On the Shelf

The editors of the Advocate have been fortunate in bringing together a series of critical articles on Faulkner that are

The Moviegoer

Like a cannon rolling loose on the deck of a frigate, Marlon Brando crashes through "Streetcar," malicious and violent. Screeching

The Moviegoer

Some people come to college and spend four years in a chemistry lab. Others put in incredible amounts of time

On the Shelf

Two stories in this issue of The Advocate are unusually well-written. Neither is of a type that rewards a casual

The Playgoer

The structure of "Right You Are" follows a simple formula. In the first scene Pirandello's mouthpiece, Laudisi, tosses out a


"No Way Out" is a picture inciting to violence. Like "Home of the Brave," it relies partly on the shock-effect


Freshmen at BU were unusually eager to sign up for ROTC this fall. When questioned, many of them blurted out: