Daniel Ellsberg

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Haiphong, Kissinger, and William Colby

Nixon's policy as of early '69 was to win the Vietnam War, in a way as Johnson had tried to

Wassily Leontief

One of the most carefully guarded files in the Littauer Building is a folder of eighty odd sketches of members

All-American Spy

Dusting off some old notes before generals. I came across an almost verbatim episode of a radio series I followed

On the Shelf

The editors of the Advocate have been fortunate in bringing together a series of critical articles on Faulkner that are

The Moviegoer

Like a cannon rolling loose on the deck of a frigate, Marlon Brando crashes through "Streetcar," malicious and violent. Screeching

The Moviegoer

Some people come to college and spend four years in a chemistry lab. Others put in incredible amounts of time

On the Shelf

Two stories in this issue of The Advocate are unusually well-written. Neither is of a type that rewards a casual

The Playgoer

The structure of "Right You Are" follows a simple formula. In the first scene Pirandello's mouthpiece, Laudisi, tosses out a


"No Way Out" is a picture inciting to violence. Like "Home of the Brave," it relies partly on the shock-effect


Freshmen at BU were unusually eager to sign up for ROTC this fall. When questioned, many of them blurted out:


"The creation of dianetics is a milestone for man comparable to his discovery of fire and superior to his inventions


No one knows all the answers about compulsory medical insurance. The American Medical Association, among others, has raised some of


(This article is the second on the political record of the American Medical Association. A third article will discuss the


(This article, the first of three on the American Medical Association, describes the AMA's present political influence. Later articles will


Last summer near Albuquerque, New Mexico some General Electric technicians set out to do something about the weather. On July