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Hey, Mom! FM's Bugging Me!

C hances are that you, a Harvard student, have had the "oldest child" conversation in some dining hall at least

The Season of Comptober

I t's October 8, 1993. Do you know what a "comp" is? Of course you do; this is Harvard. Maybe

Remembering the Invasion

T hree years ago, according to The Harvard Crimson, the University was "being invaded"--and, the lead paragraph concluded with a

Tommy's Lunch: Dead at the Age of 34

T ommy's Lunch, of raspberry lime rickey fame, died this week in its home at 49 Mt. Auburn St. It

Gross Anatomy at Harvard Medical School:

David E. Munoz remembers her hands. "Her nails were all done," he says of the woman with whom he has

I'll Stand By My 10,000 Men

T oday is Harvard spirit day. Isn't everyone excited? If you go to the soccer or football game, you could

The Final Push

I n five days, popularity polls and political analysts won't matter. Come Tuesday night, Americans will know the identity of

For the Moment

N ext month the young budget-conscious traveler browsing through the "Travel" section of the bookstore will be faced with two

Burning Down the Town

T he past several months have residents of Lawrence, Mass, frightened by one of the most difficult crimes to prove: