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Michigan Gov Speaks at DNC

BOSTON—In the early stages of the showdown between Sen. John F. Kerry, D-Mass., and President Bush, the media made a

Quadlings Discuss Future of Hilles

Almost 30 Quad residents and sympathizers questioned librarians about the future of Hilles Library last night, sharing concerns and ideas

New Battlefield for an Old Issue

For years undergraduates have clamored for the College to create a student center—and for the past eight years it has

Ad Board To Weigh Allowing Student Reps

After decades of complaints by students that the College disciplinary process is too secretive, the College administration will examine the

Guster Booked To Give Concert Next Month

The Undergraduate Council managed a long sought-after victory yesterday, scheduling a November concert on campus by the band Guster. The

Activities Coordinator To Depart

The coordinator of student activities was displaced from her post, the College announced yesterday, as the months-long bureaucratic restructuring of

Yale Strikes End with Eight-Year Contract

Three weeks of strikes at Yale University came to an end Thursday with the announcement of an eight-year contract aimed

Dance center will find home in QRAC, displaces sports facilities

The College announced a controversial plan Friday to replace part of the Quad’s main athletic facility with a dance center,