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ART’s Dream Startles Audiences

On Feb. 23, the current production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the American Repertory Theatre (ART) will come to

The Cast Keeps ’Em Laughing

Early into the first big number of Cole Porter’s Kiss Me, Kate, “Another Op’nin, Another Show,” comes this classic expression

FM's Premiere Office Dialogue

William R. Allan, Assistant Professor of the Classics and Joseph C. Harris, Francis Lee Higginson Professor of English Literature and

For The Moment

Renaissance Woman Hear Me Roar

The little that Maria J. Trumpler cares to share about her brief history as a thespian is spotted with such

Food and Drink

Into The Woods

The notion that fairy tales are simple stories for simple minds is long out of fashion. It is now common

Food and Drink

Peter + Baby-Sitters Club = ?

Series books were hardly new by the time they reached the ’80s. The Bobbsey twins had been around since 1904;


Technically-Driven 'Titus' Takes Mainstage

Shakespeare was not in love when he wrote Titus Andronicus. That seems pretty obvious. He was probably in debt, though,


Quaid Goes the Distance in ‘Rookie’

Frequently, I wonder what I would do if someone pushed me into a chair and ordered me to write a

Widener To Streamline Periodical Collection

Phase two of the Widener Library Renovation Project officially kicked off yesterday, with the creation of a new “microtext center”

Panelists Detail Win for Sweatshop Union

Anti-sweatshop activitsts applauded a rare victory in union-organizing when factory workers and representatives of the Workers Rights Consortium (WRC), a

Yale Police Mace, Arrest Students

Not all was merriment on the Yale Bowl field following Harvard’s win on Saturday. As ecstatic Harvard students charged onto


Chopped Up Vignettes with Nowhere to Go

In concept and execution, Chop Suey is a marvelous paradox. It is an “autobiographical documentary” about the world of high


Not-So-Smooth Criminals: Alien Ant Farm

It was a Thursday evening in Axis on Lansdowne Street, and as a little blue light blinked on and off


Fangs for the Memories

The Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club was wise to schedule the current production of Dracula, Mac Wellman’s take on Bram Stoker’s Gothic


Reading Up on September 11th

When we were small, our parents told us that instant gratification didn’t exist. Simply wishing for something doesn’t mean you’ll