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A New Sense of Platz

BERLIN LOVE PARADE 2003—For the fourteenth consecutive year, the celebration of techno music and wild partying took place in the

Review: Dancers Offer Up Viewpoint

Dancers’ Viewpointe IV Rieman Center, April 10-12 Dance, as an abstract form of expression, is at once clear with its

Powerful Singers Enliven Tchaikovsky

The Lowell House Opera has conquered Lowell’s dining hall this year with Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin. The opera is a favorite

Enlivening Silent Films With Music

In frivolous summer months, symphony orchestras in major metropolitan cities put on a different face. The Boston and San Francisco

A Classic Tale of Matchmaking and Marriage

This weekend, in the spirit of tradition, the Hillel Drama Society is producing Fiddler on the Roof, a play showcasing

Classical Act

Nearly every weekend Harvard kiosques parade poster advertisements for classical music events and concerts. The dynamic performance environment includes the