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Facing the Test: Grad School as Statistical Uncertainty

It has been an unusually trying year for students applying to graduate schools of medicine, law and business. And for

City Council May Veto Zoning Bill

The Cambridge City Council last night voted, five to four, to table a bill that would declare a one-year moratorium

In Unity Is Strength

I r WAS COLD Friday morning, and still pitch black as about 120 students sat waiting and shivering on the

Boston-to-D.C.Bakke Blues

A LITTLE GIRL, maybe six or seven years old with straight brown hair and timid eyes, walks up to you

500 Participate in Boston Rally Linking Bakke Case to Racism

About 500 people demonstrated in Boston Saturday to demand that the Supreme Court rule against Allan Bakke, and to protest

Anti-Bakke Group Will Hold Rally Today in Boston

While the nation awaits the Supreme Court's decision on the controversial Bakke case, expected this spring, the Boston Mobilizing Committee

$450 Law School Tuition Hike Likely

The Harvard Corporation will probably approve a Law School tuition increase of $450 for the 1978-79 academic year, raising the

An American Collage

T URN-OF-THE-CENTURY America. A time of prosperity, when the Horatio Alger myth is still alive, if somewhat decrepit. The country

Scott Turow, Three L

Scott Turow is the author of "One L," and autobiographical account of the first year at Harvard Law School. Before