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The Negro in the South: II

The failure of Northerners to approach Negro-White relations in the South without quivering emotion and much finger-shaking has more often

Death of a Sculler, in Three Acts

Harvard's Sanitary Engineering Department recently recorded 1,000 times the normal radioactivity in Cambridge water. "When we put our Geiger counter

Soviet Experts Warns of Alarm; Party Control Termed Devisive

Pressures which forced Georgi Malenkov to relinquish his position as Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party in

Crimson Power Subdues Yale for 13 to 9 Win

Fundamental single wing football, with the emphasis on blocking and tackling instead of sleight of hand, were down a good

Egg in Your Beer

When Army visited New Haven some ten days ago, it broke several things: 1, the Elis' six game winning streak;

Improving Varsity Meets Favored Tigers Today

PRINCETON, N.J., Nov. 5--One-Platoon football and its two earlier defeats to the contrary, Princeton's football team ruled a solid one-touchdown

Fumbles, Mistakes Provide Dartmouth With 13-7 Win Over Crimson's Eleven

It should happen against Princeton, it could happen against Yale, but some time later this fall the varsity football team

Dartmouth's Passing Attack Faces Test Today As Strong Crimson Line Awaits Indian Team

Anyone upset by the spectre of Columbia's Claude Benham throwing a pass should stay home today when Harvard plays DARTMOUTH

Gunga Din

They are turning back the clock, if not the crowds at the Brattle Theatre this week where Gunga Din, older