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Stalking the Klan

J OE GRADY is a red-faced masonry contractor from North Carolina who likes to kibbitz with reporters in the newsroom

Two Ways of Working At Harvard

There aren't many people whose work runs the gamut from drafting reports on race relations at Harvard to tracking down

Chase Peterson Resigns, Takes Medical Post in Utah

Dr. Chase N. Peterson '52, vice president of alumni affairs and development, yesterday decided to resign from Harvard, effective June

Vorenberg Not Chosen UMass President

James Vorenberg '50, associate dean of the Law School and one of four final candidates for the presidency of the

Stanford Sit-In

Students at Stanford University occupied the university president's office for seven hours yesterday, protesting the school's investment policies in South

Strawberries and Cream

V IVIAN GORNICK MUST have been a precocious child. By the age of five she had adopted a world view;

Alumnae and Radcliffe Forum Sponsor Career 'Externships'

The Radcliffe Forum will launch a pilot "externship" program during spring break that will allow female undergraduates to explore career

Farewell, Masters V.

In an earlier era, House masters were occasionally as much of a permanent fixture in their Houses as the chandeliers

Counselors Discuss Rape

Counselors from the University Health Services (UHS) and the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center last night informally discussed legal, emotional