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Geology Professor Tenured

University of Victoria geologist Paul F. Hoffman recently accepted a tenured position in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences,

Coop Unlikely To Pay Rebate For Last Year

The Harvard Cooperative Society is unlikely to offer a monetary rebate to its members for the 1993-94 school year, officials

Harvard Lacks Training for Artists

Kelli Rae Patton '94 has hand written her thesis hundreds of times. A native of Tennessee, Patton wrote a 40-page

Med School's John Mack Believes in Wicked Aliens

Harvard professor rarely join families torn by incest, wives who hate their mothers-in-law and women who love Michael Bolton on

Waters Named Sociology Head Tutor

The sociology department recently appointed Professor of Sociology Mary C. Waters as head tutor. She will take over on July

Heatherton Will Leave This Fall

Assistant Professor of Psychology Todd F. Heatherton tortures dieters in the name of science. Take the following scene from one

Anti-Semitic Courses Won't Count

The history department at Wellesley College has publicly repudiated an Africana Studies professor and will refuse to offer history credit

Intellectual History Goes Easy on the Brain

No sections. No papers. No problem. According to many happily under challenged undergraduates, History 134lb, European Intellectual History, 1900 to


For his first Computer Science 50 lecture, Jeff A. Ferrell '97 was expecting a small class, likely rife with pocket

A Year After First Event, Philos Club Struggling

A year after holding its first official party at the Advocate and drawing a crowd of more than 150 students,

16.2-Inch Snowfall Stalls City, Airport

BOSTON--No Elvis look-alikes showed up at Logan Airport Saturday morning. Despite airlines' discounted fares--and an offer of a free pass

Gap Outlet Reopens

A refurbished outlet of The Gap--featuring two floors and carrying everything from embroidered vests to broomstick skirts--opened this week on

Prof. Faults FBI in Waco Raid

Touroff-Gluek Professor of Law and Psychiatry Alan A. Stone '50 this month criticized the FBI for its use of force

The Mystique Of The Game: Alumni Call It For Harvard

Harvard will cruise to an easy win in the 120th playing of The Game this weekend. At least that's what

Lead or Leave Comes to Harvard

Organizers of a grassroots political movement to increase awareness and political involvement among younger Americans say they are trying desperately