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Rubin Brings Political and Financial Savvy to Treasury Post

Secretary of the Treasury Robert E. Rubin '60 has long found his professional life tugged by two countervailing forces--his devotion

VES Thesis Buried Under Opposition

Victoria L. Merriman '98, a visual and environmental studies (VES) concentrator in Dunster House, finds herself in a rare predicament:

7-Eleven to Replace Christy's on Mt. Auburn Street

In the not too distant future, Harvard students will encounter a new, but altogether familiar minimart on the corner of

Herzfeld Fights for Fellow Academics

Michael Herzfeld, professor of anthropology and curator for European ethnology at the Peabody Museum, brushes aside the suggestion that he

Sioux Actors Dramatize Dangers of Alcohol

"Wakanyeja," a Lakota Sioux expression signifying "children are sacred," was both the title and the message of a youth performance

Reich Outlines American Vision

Calling for the Democratic party to return to its historically working-class agenda, former Secretary of Labor Robert B. Reich articulated

Loeb Renovates Classical Literature Series

The next time a student peruses a copy of Aristophanes'' collected works or investigates a new edition of Homer's Iliad,

Panel on Segregation Attracts Diverse Audience

Segregation in student groups was the issue up for debate at a panel discussion in Emerson Hall last night. Before

Purported Discussion On Asian Gangs Provokes Cultural Debate

Uncertainty marked the first Asian American Association (AAA) Discussion Group meeting last night in Loker Commons. The talk, billed as

Recent Spate of Tornadoes Spares Harvard Community

Early last Monday morning citizens in central Florida awoke to a scene of destruction. Overnight, a series of nine tornadoes

Kline, Savage Honored as Men Of the Year

In a ceremony that incorporated such disparate elements as ninjas, people in gorilla outfits and a mariachi band, the Harvard

Daley Pushes for Free Trade

U.S. Secretary of Commerce William M. Daley spoke before an audience of over three hundred undergraduates, graduates students and faculty