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A Poor Prognosis for Foreign Policy

I n a bill resonant of arms-race era defense initiatives, the Senate on Friday voted again to augment military spending.

Loeb's 'Largo' Impresses

V aclav Havel once asked, "is not Franz Kafka, one of the most serious and tragic authors of this century,

Schumacher Continues 'Firm'

Eleven-year-old Mark Sway's accidental involvement in the suicide of a New Orleans Mafia lawyer leads him to "all kinds of

Ogletree Speaks About King

The work and vision of Martin Luther King Jr. must be continued today, Harvard Law Professor Charles J. Ogletree said

New Square Candy Store Opening

By the end of this week, students will be able to indulge in Hidden Sweets on Church Street to counter

European Flower Store Opens On Bow Street

The acrid, urban stench of motor vehicle exhaust will be attenuated today by the sweet aroma of blossoming flowers at

Rethinking Expos

I n a note to incoming first-years, President Neil L. Rudenstine asserted that "nothing is harder than writing." "Scarcely anything

The Free Agency Applicant

W hat do a couple of big private universities have in common with the "white collar" crimes of overleveraged corporate

Foster's Note: Despair And Corruption

T he equivocal and despairing note discovered last week in Vincent W. Foster Jr.'s briefcase was as jarring as the

Playing the Politics of Re-Election

O ne of the few bright spots in the recent flood in the Midwest has been the demonstrations of how

The Count Goes Full On the HMC

A ccording to last week's standings, Jack Morris's $5.5 million arm is bringing in the worst Earned Run Average in