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Class of '63 Sees Great Changes in College

The letters of acceptance mailed in the spring of 1959 bore the post-mark "Our task is still to build." Originally

Gluecks Pioneer in Delinquency Study

In one of the highest juvenile delinquency areas in Washington, D.C., teachers were asked to send their most anti-social youngsters

Undergraduate Teacher Program Faces Problems of Acceptance and Expansion

In the Harvard community, PBH has traditionally represented a group of dedicated students, sometimes accused of idealism, who venture forth

Resignations Of Professors Stir Brandeis

Emotion and interest over the recent resignations of two Brandeis professors have increased noticeably at the Waltham university during the

Brandeis Loses Two Professors In Speech Fight

A highly emotional series of charges and counter-charges concerning academic freedom have resulted in the resignation of two professors at

Local Lawyer Outbids University For Yards, Will Not Name Backers

A Cambridge attorney has outbid the University by more than $1 million for the Bennett Street MTA Yards. Francis J.

Domestic 'Peace Corps' Weighs PBH As Model

A project based on PBH Mental Hospitals work may be the model for the mentai health program of President Kennedy's

Local Singer to Appeal Assault Verdict

Jackie Washington, a well-known local folksinger, was found guilty yesterday on a count of assault and battery and fined $10.

Leighton to Retire After 40 Years as Dean and Master

The man who University officials say "knows more about the way Harvard is run than anyone else" will retire this

University Police Arrest 'Con Man'; 'Herbert' Jailed on Larceny Charge

The confidence man who talked students out of $156.20 since Nov. 16 was found guilty on three counts of "larceny

PBH to Send Students To Indian Reservations

Phillips Brooks House has announced at least six teaching and counseling positions open to Harvard and Radcliffe students on American

Student Earnings Jump To New University High

Student earnings last year jumped an impressive 23 per cent or $140,000 from $619,650 in 1960-61 to an all-time high

Teddy Offers 'Progress Corps' To Help Solve Domestic Problems

Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy '54 yesterday proposed a nationwide volunteer "Progress Corps," modeled after the Peace Corps and designed to

PBH Renews Program For Tanganyika Work

Phillips Brooks House has announced that it will renew Project Tanganyika, the program which sent 16 University students to Tanganyika

PBH to Teach With New Project Inter-College Roxbury Planning

Several University students will soon begin extensive tutoring work in almost all areas of one of New England's most depressed