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Irish Pres. Visits IOP

President Mary Robinson of Ireland yesterday called for an increased international sense of connectedness, caring and participation in a speech

Harvard Engineer Division On Rise

In 1914, Harvard did not even have an engineering department of its own. Instead, it shared a program with MIT.

Special Majors Give Free Choice

Justin M. Levitt '95 came to Harvard intending to major in engineering. But halfway through his first year, he changed

New Storage Rules Frustrate Students

Students packing their belongings expressed frustration yesterday about a number of new rules which have tightened up the storage process.

Harvard: A Long History Of Myth and Witchcraft

Folklore and Mythology chair Stephen A. Mitchell says that the courses he offers on witchcraft have strong ties to both

Folk and Myth: Beyond Witches & Ouijas

When Harvard senior Merrill Kaplan's parents are asked about their daughter's major, they have a standard answer. "She's a pre-med,"

Hundreds Attend Hillel's Opening

Ending a 15-year stay at 74 Mt. Auburn, members and friends of the Harvard-Radcliffe Hillel carried their Torahs a block

Senior Gift Committee To Continue Collecting

The Senior Gift Committee has started a second round of campaigning to collect money from the Class of '94 in

Gays Win Gains, Frank Says

The amount of opposition to gays and lesbians in the United States is often overestimated, Rep. Barney Frank '61 (D-Mass),

ROTC to Draw Fire During BGLAD Week

The Bisexual Gay and Lesbian Students Association (BGLSA) and the Civil Liberties Union of Harvard are joining forces this week

Residents Roused Early From DeWolfe Dreams

Roxanne C. Abder '95 is setting her alarm for 6:42 a.m. these days. That's three minutes before the jack hammers

Chemistry Students Call for Dept. Changes

Two juniors have proposed more contact with chemistry professors and changes in the department's advising system in a letter delivered

Mather Lottery to Help Groups Stay Intact

Sophomores entering Mather House next year will likely be assigned more favorable rooming configurations because of a new housing lottery

House Reps Review BAT

Representatives from undergraduate house committees are asking the University to implement a method for evaluating members of the Beverage Authority