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Public Enemies

At the end of August, just before students began to arrive on campus, an unusual piece of graffiti appeared on

On a Clear Day

Directed by Gaby Dellal Focus Features 3 stars Combining Scottish paunch and a harmless “Billy Elliot”-esque storyline, “On a Clear

Tome Raider: The World of Henry Orient

Nora Johnson’s “The World of Henry Orient,” first published in 1958, is a sad, beautiful story about the pains of

It's An Incredibly Small World, After All

The “Public Art / Moving Site” project has put on a kind of traveling show across three New England cities

The Right To Reason

The “Elena posters” are the newest tactic of Harvard Right to Life. They feature a little fetus saying, “Oh, HI!

Tome Raider: The Bell

Dora Greenfield arrives at Imber Abbey without her bags, holding only a butterfly between her hands. She soon realizes her

Godfrey Takes Art to the Streets

Industrial waste? Unearthed relics of Colonial Cambridge? Abnormally-large cubby-holes? What, exactly, is the origin of the tall stack of steel

Actors Create Depth in Bittersweet Love Story

“The Last Five Years,” the inventive and generally successful musical performed over the long weekend, recounts the break-up of Jamie

New York Lawyer Finds Second Career in Passion for Literature

To become a successful New York lawyer, an icon in international law, is usually enough of a career for one

FAS Fails To Pick Science Dean

After almost a year of concerted effort and at least two unsuccessful overtures, the committee charged with searching for a

Microbial Science Initiative To Launch in Weekend Symposium

The long-malnourished microbe sciences in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) are going to get a boost tomorrow, when

Review To Urge Science Literacy

As University labs are overflowing with a host of new science initiatives, the curricular review will recommend ways to educate

Pen and Paper Revolutionaries: The Subversive Business of Stem Cell Research

For Cabot Professor of the Natural Sciences Douglas A. Melton, innovative medical research is about more than furthering the cause

Bio Class Provides Research Exposure

On the third floor of the Divinity Ave Biological Laboratories, undergraduates have a space to call their own. Three small

Search Still On For Life Sciences Dean

Four months after Dean of the Faculty William C. Kirby named divisional deans for the social sciences, humanities and physical