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Unexpected Art in Unlikely Places

It's 9:10 a.m. Your Chem 5 exam is in five minutes, and you don't have time to race back to

Radcliffe Gets New Chief of Development

Early last week, Ellen A. Stevens took over as Radcliffe's new director of development and alumnae affairs. Radcliffe's focus--on women

Columbia Protesters End Hunger Strike

NEW YORK-Five Columbia students fasting in protest of the university's stocks in companies that do business in South Africa ended

HELP Raises $5000 For Ethiopia

In a recent Harvard dining hall campaign to raise money for famine-stricken Ethiopia, a new student organization collected $5000 in

Winter Break Shortens Reading Period

Reading period always seems short enough every semester, but this January only 11 dark winter days have been allotted for

German Professor Rejects Tenure

After waiting four months for a response to its offer, Harvard learned yesterday that a Cornell University professor has turned

Political Scientist Says Female Vote Stays Liberal

The "gender gap" remains a factor in American politics despite President Reagan's recent good showing among women voters, an expert

Polling and Partying Mark Election Day Campaigning

Phone banks, literature distributions and last minute poll-side visibility will occupy student presidential supporters today as both campaigns wind down.

Expos Teachers Talk on Value Of Writing Jobs

As part of an effort to show the world that Expos teachers are more than just Expos teachers, four professional