James G. Hershberg


A False START?

E UREKA Ronald Reagan found it Sunday. His opening proposal for strategic nuclear weapon talks with the Soviets, unveiled after


Polish Government Tightens Control; Harvard Groups Plan Rally Tomorrow

A government official following events in Poland yesterday said it "does seem the strikes are spreading all over the country,"


Local Man Named in N.Y. Shootings

Federal authorities yesterday identified a Cambridge man as one of four suspects seized in New York state this week in


Rumors of Stones Concert Fly Despite Collapse of Negotiations

Despite the apparent collapse of negotiations to stage a Rolling Stones public concert in Boston, rumors of a last-minute Boston-area


It's Ronnie!... Er, Tom

A little president to president communication: "Dear Mr. President:" wrote President Bok to President Reagan in a letter dated April


CSIA Expert Meets Soviets, Will Give U.S. Unofficial Report

A Kennedy School specialist in military policy, reportedly under consideration for recently returned from what he described as an "illuminating


No, No, No, No, No, No, No, Yes!

This week, Stanislaw Baranczak finally got the news he--and Harvard--had been waiting for. The Polish government, after denying seven previous


Baranczak Granted Passport, To Assume Post at Harvard

After more than three years of waiting, Polish dissident scholar Stanislaw Baranczak yesterday received his government's permission to travel to


14 Plympton St.

O great, incomparable, and never-to-be-surpassed Crimson! What have you done? What have you not done? What will you do? You


Heymann, After Abscam, Likely to Return to Harvard

Philip B. Heymann, a former professor of Law who left Harvard in 1978 to become assistant attorney general and played


Mr. Pipes Goes to Washington

The heaving, churning mass of memoranda and resume-pushing known as the Reagan transition effort spit out two decisions this week


Feldstein Rules Out Post With Reagan

Martin S. Feldstein '61, professor of Economics, has informed President-elect Ronald Reagan's transition team that he will not take a


Pipes Proposes New State Dept. Post

Richard E. Pipes, Baird Professor of History, and several other members of President-elect Reagan's State Department transition team have recommended


Reagan Team Picks More Harvard Brains

As President-elect Ronald Reagan finally began to fill his administration with Harvard graduates in five of his eight announced Cabinet-level


K-School Scholar Aiding Reagan Team To Investigate White House Transition

A Kennedy School lecturer is serving as executive director of an unannounced top-level transition committee which will recommend plans for

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Intelligent Design: Negotiating the Identity of the Architecture Track

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Harvard vs. Yale

Freshman Survey Part V: A Look at New Haven


Freshman Survey Part III: Inside the Classroom and Out