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Life and Times of Mr. Rogers

Measuring an individual’s impact on a university is a difficult task and is usually divided along the lines of one’s


Sexual Power in the Jim Crow South

Frankie J. Petrosino’s buck is subtitled “a new play about love, race, and the price of sex.” While the play


Books In Brief

Illness has always been an important bedfellow to reflection and consideration of new directions. Some works of art would be



Funked-Up with Fink Fank Funk The Middle East Saturday, October 6 Emerging from the depths of Harvard University’s myriad of


Out & About

Red, White and Green The Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition 12th Annual Freedom Rally Featuring Scissorfight Boston Common, September 15 The


Jimmy Cliff is quite possibly the greatest living reggae artist. He credits his own work with helping to shape the

Life on the High-Wire

BOOKS Mailer By Mary V. Dearborn Houghton Mifflin Co. 478 pp. $30 Life on the High-Wire By ERIK A. BEACH

Panel on Prison Reform Draws Boos, Hisses, Heated Debate

Former California attorney general Dan Lungren was pounded by audience hisses and two ideological opponents last night at an Institute

Biography: What Is It?

Sartre's novel Nausea, the main character Roquentin is unable to finish his biography of a historical figure. Roquentin ultimately ends

Years of Debate Bound in One Volume

Apart from the oppressed minority of conservatives at the Salient and the many rumored "closet conservatives" on the Harvard campus,

Ojos: Window to the Soul

"Tranquilo, tranquilo. Abre los ojos" (Relax, relax. Open your eyes.) Cesar hears a voice telling him this after jumping off

Richard III: Two Views

King Richard III represents what is perhaps the most ambitious character in a Shakespearean pantheon full of ambitious characters. Whereas

Richard III: Two Views

THEATER Richard III: Two Views Directed by Tina Packer At the Loeb Mainstage Through May 8 PRO By Christopher R.

Our Surprisingly Spammy Century

Harvey Mansfield just might like the Onion. It definitely isn't politically correct, poking fun at blacks, Jews, gays, women, the

Black and Gold

Cinemanic "My brothers and sisters, it's time to go down town. Jesus Christ went down town. He hung around uptown