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Professors for McCain

During the presidential campaign, Harvard College professors have donated to Democratic candidate Barack Obama over Republican candidate John McCain at

Asani Offered Tenure, But Considers Leaving Harvard

Ali S. Asani '77 has been offered full tenure by University President Drew G. Faust, the long-time Islam professor confirmed

Radcliffe Dean To Lead St. Andrews

Radcliffe Executive Dean Louise M. Richardson was named the next leader of the University of St. Andrews, the Radcliffe Institute

Carroll Bogert

On Sunday, Carroll R. Bogert ’83 shot a missile into the middle of the nostalgic merriment of upcoming Harvard reunions.

Karim Aga Khan

The summer before his senior year, Prince Karim Khan ’58 received unexpected news. His grandfather, His Highness Aga Khan III,

Grosz To Serve as Radcliffe Dean

Interim Dean of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Barbara J. Grosz will continue on as the Institute’s permanent dean,