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15 Questions with Yann Martel

FM sits down with the "Life of Pi" author.

For The Moment

Paint(ball)ing the Town Red

This past Sunday morning in the woods of rural Massachusetts, a battle of the ages took place. Five courageous Harvard ...

For The Moment

Harvard Tries Hilarity

It’s April Fools’, so you’re probably effortlessly pulling witty pranks on all your friends. April Fools! If you’re stuck with ...

Shanghai Restoration
For The Moment

Project Cultural Restoration

For David “Dave” W. Liang ’00, the phrase “East meets West” doesn’t only apply to fusion cuisine. The term can ...

For The Moment

Raising a Glass to the Slopes

For the select few who will be tuning in to the Opening Ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics this ...

Federal State Relations

Senate Considers Parking Bill

Last Tuesday, the Massachusetts State Senate held a hearing on a proposed bill which would permit local municipalities to set aside preferred parking spaces for eco-friendly vehicles. Under the bill, local cities and towns would have the option of creating spots specifically for low-to-zero emissions vehicles like hybrids.


UC Election Profiles '09: Hoping to "Service the Student Body"

With suggestive campaign slogans such as, “Long-Johnson: Touching students everywhere” and “Long-Johnson: Erecting a better Harvard,” the Long-Johnson ticket raises ...

In The Meantime

The Business of Giving Back

Bob Marley immortally said, “Don’t gain the world and lose your soul.” For most Harvardians, this piece of golden advice ...

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Meet My Little Pet

They expect to be fed, they soil themselves on the spot, they bite and scratch, and they’re found in dorm

Harvard Explained: Don't Have a Cow, Man

Kelis may bring all the boys to the yard with her milkshake, but Professor Harvey G. Cox, the now-retired 9th

Isabel E. Kaplan ’12

Sitting in Crema Cafe, non-fat latte in one hand and BlackBerry in the other, freshman novelist Isabel E. Kaplan ’12

Harvard Explained: Rooming Myths

Party suites and river views aren’t the only criteria by which to pick a room. One must also consider the

From Cambridge to Queensland: One Harvardian’s Quest for “The Best Job”

How far would seniors go in this economic recession to ensure a job after graduation? Would any of them, say,