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'Swamplandia!' is Murky, Convoluted Despite Charm

At times, Karen Russell’s “Swamplandia!” is an ode to prose, filled with clever turns of phrase, sharp insight, and language so rich and detailed that images of an isolated Florida swamp seem to jump from the pages of the book directly into the mind. However, its murky plot and tiresome back-and-forth narration overwhelm Russell’s stylish prose and the charm of her characters, and the novel sinks into a swampy, convoluted mess.

‘Easy A’ Doesn’t Make the Grade

"Easy A" has a storyline that isn’t particularly original, believable, or funny, and the plot spins completely out of control in the final third, but the movie manages to remain entertaining because of Stone and a few outstanding performances by her supporting cast.

Jukebox the Ghost, Mediocre but Happy

It’s not that “Everything Under the Sun” is a particularly bad album, but rather that it sounds like nice background music, a comfortable amalgamation of Top 40, indie pop, and contemporary adult that you might hear in Urban Outfitters.