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Taking Video Game Music to a New Level

The New England-based Video Game Orchestra hopes to bring repute to video game music.

Visual Arts

Big Name Photographer Comes to Small Town Museum

ALMA exhibits donation of Yousef Karsh’s internationally renowned photographs.

On Campus

Preview: Equus

As he attempts to reach Alan and mend his emotional scars, Dysart begins to doubt the value of his work, as well as his own notions of what it means to be normal.

On Campus

‘Godot’ Makes the Waiting Worthwhile

The play’s five-person cast brilliantly charged their characters with the heightened joy, anxiety, and pain that come from human interaction in a space that felt as confining as the characters’ own circumstances.

On Campus

‘Harvard Shorts’ Challenges Amateur Directors

The Harvard Shorts Film Festival presented amateur short film and serial submissions from Harvard students and staff

Investigating the Spill

Scientists Discuss BP Spill

Two members of the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling, which was commissioned by ...

On Campus

Tierney Sutton Jazz: in Studio, on Stage

En route from the United Kingdom to the Philippines and Japan, the Tierney Sutton Band made a stop to grace the stage of Sanders Theatre last Friday—a prelude to a celebration of 40 years of jazz at Harvard presented by the Office of Arts at Harvard (OFA).


Dasgupta Discusses Historical Creation

The author overcame the challenges of writing about a character so different from himself through extensive research, saying that before working on the novel, he had considered Bulgaria a forgotten country, remote from the history of the 20th century.


'The King's Speech' All Talk, Less Substance

“The King’s Speech” chronicles how Prince Albert of Britain (Colin Firth)—later King George VI—overcame a severe stutter through years of speech therapy with the unorthodox Dr. Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush). But while the emotions involved in the story are powerful, the words seem almost beside the point.


Student Groups Commemorate Veterans Day with Nursing Home Outing

In recognition of Veterans Day, a coalition of student groups sponsored a community service outing to a local nursing home, where undergraduates, veterans, and non-veterans spent yesterday afternoon.

Visual Arts

British Art Makes Comeback

In a non-descript building located within an open yet inconspicuous setting in downtown Somerville, six Harvard undergraduates and their art ...

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Mary Stuart

Mary Stuart