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Harvard Refused Heymann's Monitoring Proposal

Days after internet activist Aaron Swartz's Jan. 11 suicide, The Huffington Post reports that during the 1990s, Swartz's prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Heymann—who was, even then, a pioneer in policing the internet—tried to get Harvard's cooperation in monitoring the University's network usage without a court order. Heymann proposed that the University put an "electronic banner on its intranet telling users they were being monitored" and implying their consent. Harvard refused, HuffPo reports, citing "the privacy of its users."

Which Would You Choose?

On Friday, November 30, the Office of Student Life approved 15 new student organizations, one of them Harvard College Munch. We wanted to know, if you had to join either the Harvard College Anscombe Society and Harvard College Munch, which would you choose?