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Practice Makes Perfect

The Harvard football team played its annual spring intrasquad game on Saturday at Harvard Stadium. The defense, wearing white jerseys, was first to score thanks to a blocked punt attempt. Sophomore quarterback Colton Chapple led the offense to the come-from-behind win, 14-7.

John McConnell, speechwriter for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, describes his experiences working in the White House and offers tips for writing a successful speech in a discussion with students at the Institute of Politics yesterday.

At a Kennedy School panel, Michael Luongo, acclaimed gay journalist and NYU professor, describes the LGBQT human rights situation in Iraq. Passing as a Lebanese man, he snuck into gay venues that American journalists had never seen before.

Annenberg Top Chef

Freshmen, using ingredients only available in the dining hall, compete to see who has the most culinary creativity, in Annenberg's Top Chef: competitors had 30 minutes to dish out a main course and a dessert entree.