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Kids These Days

As we demand increasingly more of our young, and we champion our current figureheads of young achievement, dystopian YA novels have grown to reflect this aspect of forced adulthood.

Who Will Survive in America?

New Orleans in the summer of 2013 crawls with humidity and fire ants. It is eight years after James Brissette and Ronald Madison—both unarmed, both searching for food in the aftermath of Katrina, both black—were shot by white police officers who later claim that the two men, one of whom was mentally disabled, were firing at them.

Editors' Note: Natalie T. Chang '15 and Erica X Eisen '16

A letter from the chairs of the arts board to our readers.

Two Sides to 'The Maze Runner'

"The Maze Runner" is an intriguing version of a narrative that permeates the contemporary box office, one that doesn’t have to sacrifice an imagination of a cooperative community for the sake of sensationalist, individual heroism.

Upcoming Highlights from Arts First

The Crimson previews choice events from Arts First 2014, May 1-4.