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Arrested Divestment

Other higher education institutions, notably Stanford, are finding their stakes in fossil fuels increasingly unconscionable, but Harvard itself has made no intentions to divest. Still, the protests continue.

Youth Homeless Shelter Initiative Secures Funding

The Harvard Square Homeless Shelter Youth Initiative, aimed at launching the first overnight shelter for youth in Cambridge, has received a grant that will support its operating costs for the next 15 years.

Kennedy Family and Administration Sought to Establish Memorial at Harvard

In the months that followed the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963, realizing the late President’s wish that his national memorial consist of three parts—a museum, a library, and a political institute—and that it stand next to the Harvard campus.

Harvard Square Store Owners, Homeless Population Follow Unspoken Agreement

Though many store owners and others affiliated with Harvard Square business positively characterize their relationship with the homeless, some cite concerns about the impact of the visible homeless population on the shopping experience.