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"Ultraviolence" a Masterfully Concocted Haze

“Ultraviolence” is steeped in despair, and in contrast with the heavily produced and sometimes jarring major-label debut “Born to Die,” Lana Del Rey's followup reaches a new level of sincerity.

“Robots” Not an Everyday Record

While some of the sounds on the record are very clearly evocative of his previous work, Albarn’s “Everyday Robots” does not shy away from innovation either, at times unprecedentedly playful, but also demonstrating a commitment to delve into the untouched corners of Albarn’s past.

"G I R L" Is Catchy And Confusing

Though Pharrell does not exactly dig himself a grave with “G I R L,” he certainly does not set a precedent for future greatness, either. His periodic instances of musical enticement are simply outweighed by general thematic confusion and fundamentally irreconcilable styles throughout the album.

“Benji” Takes A Haunting Trip Into The Macabre

The undeniable power of the macabre events recounted in “Benji,” along with the moments that push the boundaries of folk music, helps distinguish Kozelek’s newest work from both previous Sun Kil Moon albums and the music of many other contemporary artists in the genre.

Embryonic Cells Differentiate Earlier Than Previously Thought, Researchers Say

The latest research conducted by Harvard Medical School researchers may revolutionize our current understanding of embryonic development. Specifically, a new study published last week in the journal Cell offers a new model to describe the way in which cells gain specific functions within the embryo.

Most Interesting Thing You've Learned?

Flyby asked, "What's the most interesting thing you've learned this year?"

Hip-hop Greats Dig the Standards

Hip-hop giants 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, and DJ Premier were the centerpiece of the event, “Digging the Music of Hiphop: These are the standards,” last Wednesday, which was sponsored by the Hiphop Archive at Harvard.