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'Beginners' a Non-Starter

"Adult Beginners" approaches a tired story and adds literally nothing to it, a failure that is compounded by poor acting.

'Ride' Falls Hard

In "The Longest Ride," Nicholas Sparks and George Tillman, Jr., team up to make what might be the tritest romantic drama yet.

'It Follows' Follows Through

"It Follows" exerts mastery not only over a genre—horror—but over the entire medium of cinema.

Of Paper and Pixel: Book as a Medium

While members of the Harvard community admit that electronic texts have many advantages over physical books, the act of reading—of turning a page, of holding a book in one’s hands—has kept the physical book at the center of the reading experience at Harvard and elsewhere.

Tensions Rise in 'Players'

“It’s telling stories…that brings us together in a community,” director Lelaina E. Vogel ’15 says about “Players,” a student-written drama that will premiere in the Adams Pool Theater on Nov. 14. The show follows Alex (Alex B. Zaloum ’16), a director, in his attempt to put on a show in a war torn city

'Dogfight' is a Barking Success

The Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club’s production of "Dogfight" perfectly captures the whirlwind of passion its young characters experience. The production fluidly shifts from lighthearted song-and-dance numbers to moving moments of quiet and sadness. Moreover, the actors infuse an occasionally clichéd storyline with life and emotion through effective singing and acting.

Race, Community at Heart of '9-Man'

"9-Man" is a documentary from director Ursula Liang about the hectic volleyball-like sport of 9-man, played exclusively in Chinatown for decades. The film discusses race and community at the heart of the sport and why it's endured for so long.