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The FM Files: Harvard 2029

“You wouldn’t have come if I’d just asked you to,” the chief shrugged. I lingered. “Come on, don’t be an asshole. I’ve got an assignment from the President themself.” I sat. The President? That was big. It had been a tumultuous and scandalous 10 years, after Faust had given the reins to—wait, you know the story. I’ll stop boring you. The chief poured us both a whiskey. “Son of one of our major donors, and I mean major, just failed a class.”

Katie Tutrone

“My dream thing would be to be a weatherwoman for yesterday’s weather,” Tutrone says. “Some type of satirical weather job, even though that’s not an industry. I want to make that. The weather is the one thing in life that constantly lets you down. So why not let them down from the start?”

Olympic Silver Medalist Balanced School and Training

Wylie took two years off to train but did not lose sight of his dream to attend Harvard, eventually finding his way to the University with the hope of balancing his athletic career with his academic ambitions.

Snooze Spots: Where to Sleep on Harvard's Clock

Let’s play word association: Nap! Acceptable answers are only “I want one” or “If only I had the time.” Squeezing those shut-eyed moments of pure bliss into your busy schedule can be difficult. Between all of the procrastinating on Facebook, dawdling at the Kong, and avoiding last night’s hook-up, there is often only a small window to hit the sack and take a nap. You rush out of class, bleary-eyed and bushy- tailed, but you live so far away! Where can you possibly go to responsibly catch some afternoon Zzz’s and wake up in a sweaty panic, wondering what the heck the time is and why it’s so dark out?

The Quintessential Harvard Valentine's Day

8:30 a.m. – I wake up decidedly single. Blinking sleep from my bleary eyes, I realize that I am also completely bereft of plans for the day. And more shockingly: bereft of chocolate. One of these things is an immediate must-fix (it's the chocolate).

The New Felipe's

Armed with design follies, confusing social dynamics, and a whole lot of space, we don’t how the role Felipe’s plays in the lives of Harvard students will change. We do know that at 11p.m.—scratch that, at any time of day—there’s no place we’d rather go to grab a bite.