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‘Resident Evil 7’: A Frightening Return to Form

The risky creative decisions Capcom made to revitalize its struggling franchise all boil down to the shift from the third- to first-person perspective, resulting in a fundamentally different game from its predecessors—one that succeeds in catching up to modern standards where past games have failed.

The Walking Dead: "East"

The disparate plotlines are entertainingly tense but self-indulgent, and the episode’s lack of internal consistency is inexcusable even by the show’s own standards.

The Walking Dead: "Twice as Far"

A jarringly sick midpoint turn rescues the audience from another heavy-handed morality tale.

The Walking Dead: 'The Same Boat'

Women play a refreshingly larger role this episode, marking one of the few times “The Walking Dead” passes the Bechdel Test with flying colors

The Walking Dead: "Not Tomorrow Yet"

“Not Tomorrow Yet” consists of a disappointing smorgasbord of hokey conversations somewhat redeemed by a slickly filmed yet predictable heist on Negan’s compound.

The Walking Dead: "Knots Untie"

“Knots Untie” propels the typically meandering, loose narrative of the “The Walking Dead” into sharp focus

The Walking Dead: The Next World

“The Next World” is a quaint episode steeped in more sentimentality and figurative group hugs than “Full House.”

The Walking Dead: No Way Out

'The Walking Dead' returns in this mid-season premiere.