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free cake for every creature Delivers Another Sweet Treat

While they likely won’t be headlining annual arts and culture festival Burning Man anytime soon, indie group free cake for every creature infuse the new 10-track gem “talking quietly of anything with you” with a soft immediacy.

Three Cheers for Ra Ra Riot!

While its members no longer look like they have a 50/50 shot at getting carded at R-rated movies, Ra Ra Riot has clearly maintained the dynamic onstage presence that originally made it famous, trading manic for mature and self-conscious for self-aware without sacrificing authenticity.

'Endgame' Brings Its A-Game

“‘Endgame’ seemed too good to be true for the college setting,” director Paris K. Ellsworth '15 says, highlighting the play’s absurdist, irreverent humor. The 80-minute one-act play will run May 1-9 in the Loeb Experimental Theater.

Profiles: Arts First 2015

In anticipation of Harvard’s 23rd annual Arts First festival, a four-day celebration of both student and faculty artistry, The Crimson profiled four of the individuals who are making contributions to the event, both onstage and behind the scenes.

“Shit-faced Shakespeare” Shakes Things Up

A sparklingly irreverent show that would be just as much fun to watch sober as drunk (well, almost), “Shit-faced Shakespeare” is a without a doubt a worthy contribution to the Boston theater scene.

'The Harder They Come' Comes Easily at a Hard Topic

A writer who can make ugly topics and imagery beautiful—a dead man is not a corpse but “an exhausted dance partner”—and violence eerily pleasurable, Boyle once again proves his literary merit in the remarkable tale “The Harder They Come."