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Becina J. Ganther

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Supportive Queer-munities

One of the key reasons that I’ve become more comfortable being openly myself is because of other queer people around me making themselves visible.

Even Without a Rainbow Pin

For those of us who are not out in all or certain spaces on campus, know that your community is fighting to make this world a more welcoming place, and we’re here to support you regardless of your level of outness.

More Than a Friend

To queer people who are in un-affirming friendships, know that you deserve to be wholly seen and embraced by all of your friends.

Goodbye, Simon

While I love Simon and the youthful innocence he represents, he does not represent me or the majority of queer experiences.

Let’s Talk About (Straight) Sex

If sexual education isn’t BGLTQ-inclusive, it has failed and harmed a part of the population that it’s supposed to be empowering.