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"Get Out"

Top Five: Horror Movies with Human Antagonists

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best movies with the most unsettling monsters in horror: humans.

Paranormal Activity

Unpopular Opinion: "Paranormal Activity"

Because October is the month of horror movies, it seemed appropriate to defend the quality of the documentary-style horror film “Paranormal Activity” (2007).


'Mother!' a Parade of Fanaticism

An important backstory is purposefully absent for most of the screentime in “mother!”

Ken Urban

Portrait of an Artist: Ken Urban

​Ken Urban, playwright of “A Guide for the Homesick,” has returned to New England to work as a senior lecturer in the department of Music and Theater Arts at MIT.

Sticks Angelica cover

A Day in the Life of 'Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero'

The graphic novel strategically uses ridiculous scenarios as a lens through which to observe a type of daily life that makes the normal feel peculiar and the peculiar feel normal. In a matter-of-fact style, DeForge imbues the book’s strange anecdotes with unexpected depth.

13 Reasons Why

‘13 Reasons Why’ Brings New Depth and Artistry to Netflix

With strong efforts by the actors and film editors, the Netflix adaptation succeeds in living up to its predecessor.


‘Get Out’ an Unnerving Twist on Racism

“Get Out” is certainly a refreshing twist on movies that address racism. The panel of white actors and actresses separate themselves from Chris, but not in the stereotypical way. He is not looked down upon, but rather is insulted by being observed and admired as some sort of trophy.

Visual Arts

An Inside Look at Ghungroo

​The South Asian Association’s Ghungroo 2017 Production is coming up, and tickets have almost completely sold out.