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Ilana A. Cohen

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The Red Brigade: Bodies as a Form of Artistic Resistance

Through the spectacle of its fashion and coordinated collective movement, the Red Brigade uses bodies to sound the alarm about the climate crisis.

CBD aesthetics blog

What the Hell Happened: Spill the (CBD-Infused) Tea!

While there are plenty of documented health benefits, today’s marketing makes CBD products seem more aesthetically pleasing than medicinally useful.


Music of the Movement

As the climate movement looks to the past in fighting for a more just and stable future, music provides a fundamentally human call to action.


The Kind of Community We Want to Be

We cannot have real civil discourse if the administration refuses to recognize the reality of the violations against people and communities it is perpetuating and the legitimate challenges to its disparate financial and ethical principles.

Divest Harvard Blockade

The Time to Divest Harvard is Now

The real resonance of Harvard making the responsible choice to divest from fossil fuels would be in its modeling leadership in climate action for its peer institutions.