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Ilana A. Cohen

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The Artistic Battle for the Amazon

Across digital and physical mediums, artists are working fiercely to put one fire out — one that causes the destruction of the Amazon and the vast life it contains— and set a new one aflame — the public will for climate action.

Reimagining Our Relationship to Nature

As artists innovate new ways to express and disseminate the urgent need for climate action, they make a call for far more than spectatorship. Rockman and Pelto’s works are not meant to hang on museum walls or contribute to living room aesthetics; they are meant to infuse new color into what can seem like a dying world, given the stark reality of global climate change.

The Red Brigade: Bodies as a Form of Artistic Resistance

Through the spectacle of its fashion and coordinated collective movement, the Red Brigade uses bodies to sound the alarm about the climate crisis.

Music of the Movement

As the climate movement looks to the past in fighting for a more just and stable future, music provides a fundamentally human call to action.

The Kind of Community We Want to Be

We cannot have real civil discourse if the administration refuses to recognize the reality of the violations against people and communities it is perpetuating and the legitimate challenges to its disparate financial and ethical principles.