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SOS Signs in Inman Square
Around Town

Friends of Inman Square

White-haired activists shift in their chairs, whispering about the upcoming decision.

Typewriters to Repair
Around Town

The Writer’s Repair Shop

“People just come in — sometimes not to buy anything,” explains Thomas J. Furrier, owner of Cambridge Typewriter Company. “They love typewriters — to talk about them, try them.”

Destruction at Semitic Museum

The Story of the Story of the Semitic Museum Bombing

As the museum’s current deputy director and curator, Joseph A. Greene, notes, “the more interesting story here is the story of the story, not the story itself.” In the decades since the bombing of the Harvard Semitic Museum, the specifics have faded. “The facts about the event itself … get a bit lost in all the mythology,” Greene says. “That’s what I mean about the story of the story.”