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Advocates Say City-Run Homeless Facility Not Enough To Keep People Sheltered for this Winter

The City of Cambridge plans to keep its temporary emergency homeless shelter in operation for the next 20 months, though housing advocates say the city’s inability to expand the shelter’s capacity will leave more people sleeping outside this winter.

Cambridge War Memorial Recreation Center

The city of Cambridge opened an emergency shelter in its War Memorial Recreation Center

Risa Mednick

For the past ten years, Mednick has been the executive director of Transition House, an organization that offered the first shelter for domestic violence victims on the East Coast. She said in an interview that her leadership experience qualifies her for the City Council race and has shaped her platform, which centers around bringing more equity to the city.

Nobel Prize in Economics Awarded to Harvard Professor Michael Kremer

Economics Professor Michael Kremer ’85 won the 2019 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences along with two MIT professors for their work on developing an experimental methodology for alleviating poverty around the world.