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Men's Tennis

Men's Tennis Captures Ivy Title

Next year, the Harvard men’s tennis team will be the most experienced squad in the Ivy League. This season, it

Rahooligan: Of Road Trips and Camaraderie

Sportswriting, as a rule, is not a dangerous enterprise. Except maybe for the heart, which absorbs a constant pounding of

How to Forget Harvard

There was a time when I was stupid, and that time was April 1998. Ms. Albarelli, our high school’s guidance


NFL Draft Passes on Morris

In a shocking setback for Ivy League football, neither Harvard wide receiver Carl Morris nor offensive lineman Jamil Soriano was

Morris Awaits NFL Draft

Most Harvard seniors find out if they’ve gotten a certain job privately, either through the mail or a phone call.

The Rahooligan: A Most Sincere Apology

Despite the best efforts of my editors, something incorrect, unnecessarily malicious or even libelous ends up on these pages under

From the Front...In Augusta

TV News Anchor: As our troops courageously and effectively dismantle the Iraqi regime in Baghdad, this network shifts its focus

M. Tennis Match Remains Undecided

The rivalry between the Harvard men’s tennis team and Fresno St. is so bitter that the two squads are willing

Merchant’s 45 Can’t Save Men’s Basketball

It was a night of records Saturday at Lavietes Pavilion, but the record that mattered most—wins and losses—ended up as

An Asian Sensation

Sitting comfortably in the upper tier of the FleetCenter last week, I waited, hot dog in hand, for the start

Men's Tennis Impress in Opener

The Harvard men’s tennis squad returned to team play for the first time since the fall and narrowly missed upsetting

M. Hoops Falls Out of Ivy Chase

NEW HAVEN, Conn.—The stretch run came early this year, but Harvard still faded down it. Challenged by a front-loaded schedule

M. Hoops Falters Against Killer P’s

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.—Some places you just can’t win. Looking for victory in two places that have proved inhospitable since the first

The RaHooligan: The (Bad) World of Sports Under President Strom

Staff writer Rahul Rohatgi is on vacation this week. The Crimson therefore reprints one of his all-time great columns. This

The Rahooligan: Handing Out Early Christmas Presents

For those of you who don’t know—primarily the hyper-urbanized hipsters who’ve never been in a Wal-Mart or Toys ‘R’ Us—this