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Club Forms For Runners

If you * are a freshman woman, dismayed about the spare flesh the chunky Union granola has added to your

Wiley Makes a Late Surge Taking Race and Record

You could call it a case of deja Va. Last year, close friends and fierce competitors--Jenny Stricker and Kate Wiley--spent

Brommer Sets New Mark At Harriers' First Meet

Darlene Beckford, the fluid, fleet footed runner who has taken the first semester of her senior year off this fall

Callinan Declines N.Y. Football Offer

Harvard's record-setting fullback, senior Jim Callinan, said yesterday that he will decline last week's offer from the New York Giants

Runners Seventh at Easterns

Strength doesn't always come in numbers. At least that's what the Harvard women's track team demonstrated last weekend when an

The Lament of a Baseball-Hater

There are two times in my life when I remember feeling incredibly lonely The first was in eighth grade when

Women Harriers Set Records In Weekend Romp Over Yale

The Harvard women's track team capped a Hawless spring season and a nearly perfect year Saturday, downing the Elis of

Women Lightweights Paste Wellesley

The Radcliffe varsity lightweight crew team furthered its quest for a berth in the National Championships last Saturday morning when

Women Harriers Nab GBC's

There is a good side and a bad side to the dozens and dozens of suntanners, bikini-clad and oiled, who