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Atlantic-Crossers Mix Over Dessert

With free scoops of ice cream in the sunny afternoon outside the courtyard of the Center for European Studies (CES),

Science Center Face-Lift Delayed

After eight months of construction, renovations to the Science Center will not be completed until next March—two months later than

‘Microsoft’ Virus Hits Campus

A new computer “worm” disguised as an e-mail from Microsoft left a trail of infection across the College this week.

Pre-Frosh Get Taste of Harvard

They came from east coast and left coast—and as far away as Zimbabwe—bearing their trademark red folders and looking for

Winthrop Senior Tutor To Leave At End of This Academic Year

Winthrop House Senior Tutor Courtney B. Lamberth will step down at the end of this academic year, leaving another vacancy

MCAT Score Choice To End This Spring

This April’s Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) will make an indelible mark on the applications of all pre-meds who take

Surgicial Tools Often Left In Patients’ Bodies, Study Says

Harvard School of Public Health researchers have found a new health concern for overweight Americans—having surgical tools lost inside their

Harvard Ranks Low As Testing Facility

Though students flock to Ivy League universities for a first-rate education, they may want to consider looking elsewhere when it

Roundworms Provide Hints on Obesity

With a discovery on the genetic composition of roundworms, scientists have come closer to finding new methods for treating obesity.


New Campus Magazine Deals with African Issues

There are some thirty student publications at Harvard, but the editors of the newly-launched magazine The Harvard African say theirs

Former MIT Student Admits To Theft, Auction of School Computers

A former MIT student pleaded guilty last week to mail fraud stemming from a scheme involving the sale of computers

Johns Hopkins Medical School Grading Changes Spark Student Concern

Under pressure to fall in line with other elite medical schools like Harvard, Yale, Duke and Stanford, the Johns Hopkins

HMS Licenses Technology to Swedish Biotech Firm

A Swedish biotech firm has signed an exclusive agreement with Harvard Medical School (HMS) that provides the firm broad access


Human Rights Expert Says Teaching Is Key

The key to implementing human rights globally is through education, said a former U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights at

Malawi Arrests ’94 Graduate

A Harvard College graduate was released on bail Wednesday from a Malawian jail two days after being arrested for anti-government