Quincy House's courtyard in the sunshine.

Quincy House

Quincy House's courtyard in the sunshine. By Mirac M. Suzgun
Whether you’re in the Square, in class, or walking along the river, Quincy will always seem just close enough.​
By Ben S. Rhee

A well-located house with a social vibe, Quincy is an all around solid place to be. Featuring large rooms and even some singles for sophomores, as well as its signature Quincy Grille and Qube library, there are a lot of collaborative spaces to chill, study, and catch up with friends. Whether you’re in the Square, in class, or walking along the river, Quincy will always seem just close enough.

By Lydia L. Cawley

All About Housing

When it comes to housing in Quincy, sophomores are in luck. Rooms tend to be large doubles overall. As a sophomore, though, you will likely live in Old Quincy, which has the smallest rooms in Quincy. As an upperclassman, you will be able to room in DeWolfe, which suits an adult apartment lifestyle, or New Quincy, which features single rooms and spacious common rooms ideal for throwing parties.


If you don’t have a common room or a DeWolfe kitchen, there are still spaces to study, or grab a study break, with friends. Quincy Grille is renowned for its BoardPlus-able Mozz sticks (with a dab of ranch), perfect for soaking up “fluids” after a night out. For nights in, the Qube library and Quincy dhall are productive places to study. There’s a lot of great open events too. For example, the Super Bowl Watch party always brings out a large crowd. Karaoke-style stein is also well-attended.

Interestingly, Quincy has never won an IM sport, ever. However, the Faculty Deans, Lee and Deborah J. Gehrke, are bent on winning this year, and Quincy is currently number one in the Straus Cup standings…stay tuned, because this House could be making history.

Your Questions, Answered

For a closer look at what makes Quincy so special, we sat down with HoCo co-chair Harrison J. Tanzola ’19:

What should freshmen who get your House look forward to?

HT: Getting involved in IMs, hanging out at the Grille, and getting nice singles. Huge singles!

What is the biggest misconception about your House?

HT: I thought that since it was a big House, it wouldn’t have such a tight-knit community, but you’ll get out of it what you put into it. If you want to get involved in the community, you’ll make a ton of friends.

What Hogwarts house would your House get sorted in to?

HT: Gryffindor, for sure.

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